ever after {a few years later}

Groom kissing bride

Last week I tagged along on my wife’s business trip to Charlotte, NC. There I had the pleasure of catching up with a couple from one of the first weddings I ever shot. Hans and Hannah―a super fun, adventurous duo!  

Since Hans is a firefighter, they left their reception hanging on the back of a fire engine, lights blazing. Earlier on the wedding day (at her request), we shot some beautiful, eerie images of Hannah in a large graveyard.

Little girl, laughing, with umbrella

Fast forward a few years. They now have Ava, a cute, spunky, two-year old and another girl on the way. I had the privilege of doing a portrait session with little Ava. After several quiet minutes of her getting used to me, she was off to the races. The girl could talk and run, simultaneously. She definitely got a double dose of their personalities.

Little girl standing

As a photographer I have the amazing opportunity to peek into peoples’ lives and share in their emotions. It’s so special being able to record a couple growing together―from dating to married to kids. Seeing Hans’ and Hannah’s love for each other and now for their kids gives me such joy.

Thanks for sharing the love! And Ava, try not to eat the pine cones. 

Little girl walking, laughing