meghan + josh {behind the image}

Kissing after cutting the wedding cake

The leaves were turning on a cloudy, crisp Saturday in October. Friends and family gathered in a lodge overlooking the mountains of western Maryland. The fire crackled as Josh and Meghan gave their vows standing by the stone hearth. They walked out, smiling, through the clapping crowd.

A short while later they came back in to cut the wedding cake. I knelt by the table capturing them slice it. They fed each other pieces of the red velvet, smearing frosting. As the laughter quieted, I stood up and leaned closer. The beams of the lodge, handmade flags, and lanterns came into view. With a beaming smile, Meghan pulled Josh in for a kiss. Click.

Toasts followed. Guests relaxed eating cake and playing board games. Some filtered out to the deck to enjoy the warmth of the sun. The clouds had cleared and the valley was visible for miles.

It was wonderful to witness the love Josh and Meghan shared. This beautiful event was so special because only a year earlier I had seen them at his mom’s funeral. It was a privilege then getting to share such a happy occasion. To know where they’d been made the joy so much greater.

This will always be my favorite photo from their wedding.